Operational Businesses

Operational Businesses

As well as working with investors and funders, we also work with operational businesses – where we can act as their strategic property partner – to provide innovative solutions to help them to make the most efficient use of their property assets, whilst leaving them free to focus on their core business.

This can involve a review of their real estate interests to develop a strategic plan to re-configure, sell, develop, consolidate, expand or restructure their property holdings – to assist their strategic growth plans. This is particularly useful where businesses are acquisitive – as this often results in property being brought in as part of a business purchase and a strategy needs to be developed to avoid inefficiencies resulting and to instead seek to produce value.

It is rarely the case that businesses are making best use of their property base. This is where we come in – because we can combine our skills, contacts and supply chain efficiencies with the needs of their business to ensure their property assets are made to work better for them. We encourage the operational businesses to stick to their core activity and to allow us to apply our expertise to the property aspects. This partnered approach can lead to very positive results for the operational businesses.