What We Do

What We Do

53N is a private real estate group. We undertake property development and asset management and have completed over £35M of property acquisitions since inception through a combination of property and corporate purchases.

We are entrepreneurial and opportunistic. We don’t follow the market or wait for opportunities – we actively find and create them by purchasing property assets where there is scope to add value through redevelopment, planning change, refinance, break up and/or consolidation and strategic asset management.

We have the ability to find excellent investment opportunities and are very selective in our approach. Once we find a target we formulate a cogent business plan. Once this plan is agreed, we negotiate and structure the deal to meet these objectives. Most importantly, we have the skills to implement these plans successfully through diligent project and pro-active asset management – to create significant investment value.

We have wide experience across the spectrum of real estate, in both commercial and residential markets and have delivered projects from £500k to £15M through 53N. In addition, we have experience of far larger schemes including complex public and private partnership schemes of upwards of £150M.

Most of our work is carried out on a confidential basis, so to find out more please contact us and we can explore how we might work together.